D|N|A (Database|Narrative|Archive) Anthology now published!!


Very pleased to announce that my interactive essay has been published through D|N|A (Database|Narrative|Archive) Anthology. It is a collection of seven ‘essays’ by leading thinkers and makers in the emergent medium of nonlinear digital storytelling. Each contribution has been conceived and written for Scalar, an interactive, multimedia, scholarly publishing platform in development at the University of Southern California, under the direction of the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture. Edited with great care by Matt Soar and Monika Gagnon.

Presentation at the i-Docs 2011, Bristol (UK)


I am presenting at the i-Docs 2011, panel on archives, collective memory and database documentary. i-Docs is the first international lab/symposium dedicated solely to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary – a day-long event to showcase recent projects and discuss the artistic, economic and political implications of new forms of factual representation. It takes place March 25th at the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol, UK.