Presentation at Expanding the Documentary conference, Purchase SUNY

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I’m giving a presentation at Expanding the Documentary, panel on interactive and multimedia documentaries with Carmen Oquendo Villar, Millie Chen, Samara Smith, Angel Navarez and Valerie Tevere. This conference examines the emerging forms of interactive, environmental, and database art that document socio-political, cultural, and natural phenomena that were once the purview of the film and video documentary. Keynotes by Steve Dietz and Mark Shepard. October 14th, 2011 at SUNY Purchase College, NY

The Other screens at BELEF 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia


My 2007 video The Other (Wallflower) will be exhibited at BELEF 2011, in the special program titled Border is Status: Granica je Status. Other artists include: Cynthia Zaven, Sandra Đukić, Riccardo Arena, David Montgomery, Zvonimir Marčić, Rimas Sakaluskas, Luisa Mizzoni, Emilio Corti, AVOW, Ivana Bašić, Nevena Vasiljević, Rastko Lazić, Igor Stangliczky i Ivan Kadelburg. 16-23. Jul 2011, 19-23h, kazamati/Vojni muzej: Kalemegdan. Curated by the amazing Manja Ristic.