The Reed Trains

Short documentary  |  DV  |  10 min  |  2009
Credits: Director & Editor

An essay film that examines the aftermath of violence in Bosnia-Herzegovina through the prism of railway travel. Once a complex network that provided connections to many European cities, Bosnia’s railroad suffered an intense period of destruction in the early 1990s. The demolition of hundreds of kilometers of rail tracks has left many small towns and villages virtually isolated from the rest of the world. Driven by a largely autobiographical text from one the country’s most promising young writers, Nihad Hasanović, the film blends the personal and political in a story about trains and coming of age in a city under siege.

Screenings include: Sarajevo Film Festival (BiH), Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, Anthology Archives New Filmmakers Series (NY), Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD), Rosenberg Gallery (Goucher College, Baltimore), etc.

Also visit the accompanying project website.

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