Gowanus Unheard

Sound installation | 2010
Credits: Author / Sound designer

Gowanus Unheard sonifies mental images of experiential space. This work studies urban environments in relation to mental mapping, aiming to uncover deeper links between city dwellers and their lived space. After exploring Brooklyn’s Gowanus neighborhood by foot, project participants were asked to draw a map (from memory) of their experience. The six selected sketches have been scanned and transcoded into waveforms as a wide audio frequency/time grid; the vertical position of a pixel determining its frequency, while the horizontal position corresponds to its time offset. Several other resolution filters were also used to process the material. The results are six unique sound compositions, with each path, letter, or a line creating a different area of sonic focus.

Commissioned for the Postcards from Gowanus project/group exhibition. The project explores a multitude of approaches to mapping the immediate vicinity surrounding Cabinet Magazine’s gallery space in Gowanus, Brooklyn.

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