Polyphony in interactive documentaries (i-Docs Bristol, 2018)

A video of our discussion panel from the last i-Docs in Bristol, interrogating polyphony in interactive documentaries.

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Poetics + Politics of Documentary Symposium 2017 (video)

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Just realized there is a video of my presentation at Poetics + Politics of Documentary Symposium 2017 at University of Sussex! Here it is Read more

“Aesthetics of brutality: Images and events after 9/11”, a symposium in Bihać, Bosnia-Herzegovina


Presenting a paper (Low Resolution: “Aesthetics of truth” and documentary art since 9/11) at a one-day symposium March 25, 2016 in Bihać, northwest Bosnia-Herzegovina. This event is organized by Irfan Hošić (University of Bihać) and Gradska Galerija Bihać. Speakers include Krešimir Purgar (Center for Visual Studies, Zagreb) , Sven Cvek (Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Zagreb), Marko Stamenković, Šefik Tatlić and yours truly. Read more

Talk at i-Docs 2016, Mar 2-4, 2016 (Bristol, UK)


Just returned from Bristol where I gave a talk at this year’s  i-Docs symposium. Overall, three fantastic days packed with ideas, considerations and practical examples of what the future of documentary might look like. Truly a top-notch event when it comes to emerging documentary practices. And, most importantly, it never fails to be both fun and engaging. It was great to run into old friends and meet some new ones. Read more

Showcase “Film, Art, Change: Making Movies to Make a Difference”


It’s a wrap! We are hosting a showcase of student films from the summer filmmaking intensive, “FilmArtChange: Making Movies to Make a Difference,” July 31, 2015 at 2pm, Kellen Auditorium, The New School, 66 5th Ave, NYC. My colleague Joel Schlemowitz, teaching assistant Daryl Meador and I very much enjoyed working with this group of talented, energetic and engaged pre-college students. Please join us in celebrating their hard work and achievements. Public reception to follow after the screening.   Read more

Documentary as Socially Engaged Art, Dec 6-7 at Union Docs in Brooklyn

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December 6-7, I will be conducting a two-day workshop on documentary as socially engaged art at Union Docs collective in Brooklyn, NY. Event website is here. Other guest artists include the filmmaker Alix Lambert (The Mark of Cain,  Mentor) and a New York based artist and cinematographer Trevor Tweeten (The Impossible Image, with Richard Mosse). This new weekend intensive wrestles with the thorny question of how to craft artistic representations that are formally inventive but also socially relevant and usefully engaged with the individuals or communities documented in the work. Read more

Hosting a public panel with Refik Hodzic and Aida Sejdic at Gradska Galerija, Bihac

I will be hosting a public panel with special guests Refik Hodzic, director of communications at ICTJ New York, and Aida Sejdic, a local activist and community organizer in Bihac, Bosnia. The topic of our conversation is the February social unrest in Bosnia and the emerging cultures of dissent in the region. This panel is a part of the ‘Nothing’s (always) the same anymore’ project and it takes place at Gradska Galerija Bihac, August 2, 2014 at 3pm.  Read more

“Nothing is (always) the same anymore” exhibition is now open!

I am happy to announce that the exhibition of the ‘Nothing is (always) the same anymore’ project is now open. Runs between July 31 and Aug 4, 2014 at Gradska Galerija, Bihac, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Nothing’s (always) the same anymore is both the title and the operative statement of the exhibition that features expressions that capture the anger, elation, frustration and hope of the civic action that engulfs this small Southeast European nation since February. In conjunction with the exhibition, which I curated together with the art historian Irfan Hosic, Read more

Screening and discussion at Bosnian \ Art exhibition, Baltimore

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Upcoming event: November 25, 2013 at 7pm. I was invited by Prof. Daniel Marcus of Goucher College to present and discuss my work at Bosnian \ Art, an art exhibition showing work of over 20 artists with origins from Bosnia. The event is open to public. Rosenberg Gallery, Goucher College, Baltimore, MD. The exhibition is on view until Nov 7, 2013 – Jan 4, 2014

Lecture at INCA (Institute for Neo Connotative Action), Detroit // Sept 29, 2013


I am giving a lecture at INCA (Institute for Neo-Connotative Action), Detroit this coming Sunday, Sept 29, 2013 at 7pm, together with Jochen Becker of metroZones (Berlin). I will speak about my current project Kreuzberg “Durchmischung” Misnomer: The Crisis and the Right to the City, a multimodal inquiry into community activism and the use of public space by migrants in Berlin, Germany. INCA (Institute for Neo-Connotative Action) is located at 750 Delaware St, Detroit, MI. This lecture is a part of INCA’s Visiting Scholar Lecture Series. Curated by Hannah Kelley, Aeron Bergman and Alejandra Salinas.

D|N|A (Database|Narrative|Archive) Anthology now published!!


Very pleased to announce that my interactive essay has been published through D|N|A (Database|Narrative|Archive) Anthology. It is a collection of seven ‘essays’ by leading thinkers and makers in the emergent medium of nonlinear digital storytelling. Each contribution has been conceived and written for Scalar, an interactive, multimedia, scholarly publishing platform in development at the University of Southern California, under the direction of the Alliance for Networking Visual Culture. Edited with great care by Matt Soar and Monika Gagnon.

Presentation at The Phantom Borders conference, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany

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September 7, 2012: A talk and screening of my 2009 documentary The Reed Trains at the Networks of Infrastructure and the Phantom Borders in East Central Europe Conference in Frankfurt (Oder), Germany. The conference from the Centre Marc Bloch in Berlin (project “Phantom Borders in East Central Europe”, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research) is working in cooperation with the European University Viadrina, the University of Basel and the International Society for Railway History.

Upcoming talk at Stanford Humanities Center, California


Looking forward to my talk at the Stanford Humanities Center in California on May 24th, 2012. A part of the research workshop series titled Visualizing Complexity and Uncertainty: Exploring Humanistic Approaches to Graphical Representation, this talk will primarily be a critical reflection on the tools and methods used to produce interactive/database-driven documentaries. Attendance free and open to Stanford University students, faculty and staff.

Landfill screens at Sundance Film Festival 2012


Jessica Edwards and Gary Hustwit (Helvetica, Objectified) directed this 3-minute documentary about a small New York landfill where trash becomes energy and where people are thinking differently about garbage. I was the editor. Now it screens at Sundance, Jan 20-27, which is very exciting. Part of Focus Forward Program. For screening times and venues, please check the festival online guide.

UPDATE: The film is now available online.

Presentation at Expanding the Documentary conference, Purchase SUNY

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I’m giving a presentation at Expanding the Documentary, panel on interactive and multimedia documentaries with Carmen Oquendo Villar, Millie Chen, Samara Smith, Angel Navarez and Valerie Tevere. This conference examines the emerging forms of interactive, environmental, and database art that document socio-political, cultural, and natural phenomena that were once the purview of the film and video documentary. Keynotes by Steve Dietz and Mark Shepard. October 14th, 2011 at SUNY Purchase College, NY

The Other screens at BELEF 2011 in Belgrade, Serbia


My 2007 video The Other (Wallflower) will be exhibited at BELEF 2011, in the special program titled Border is Status: Granica je Status. Other artists include: Cynthia Zaven, Sandra Đukić, Riccardo Arena, David Montgomery, Zvonimir Marčić, Rimas Sakaluskas, Luisa Mizzoni, Emilio Corti, AVOW, Ivana Bašić, Nevena Vasiljević, Rastko Lazić, Igor Stangliczky i Ivan Kadelburg. 16-23. Jul 2011, 19-23h, kazamati/Vojni muzej: Kalemegdan. Curated by the amazing Manja Ristic.

Tugs screens at Full Frame Film Festival 2011

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Jessica Edwards’ short documentary, Tugs, which I edited recently, screens at this year’s Full Frame Film Festival in Durham, NC. For more information visit festival online guide or check film’s website.

Presentation at the i-Docs 2011, Bristol (UK)


I am presenting at the i-Docs 2011, panel on archives, collective memory and database documentary. i-Docs is the first international lab/symposium dedicated solely to the rapidly evolving field of interactive documentary – a day-long event to showcase recent projects and discuss the artistic, economic and political implications of new forms of factual representation. It takes place March 25th at the Watershed Media Centre in Bristol, UK.

The Reed Trains screening at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD)

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My short documentary, The Reed Trains, will be screening Nov 20, 2010 in a special program prepared by The Ann Arbor Festival and the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit (MOCAD). The program, titled SHADOWBOX CINEMA II, presents 10 short international works, featuring experimental animation, documentary and narrative films making their Michigan premieres. This is a free public screening.